Basic Functions:

The Industrial Pro Electric© has two modules, 36 input and 36 solid state output circuits. Industrial Pro Electric© does not need any fuses for the 36 outputs. Real time current monitoring replaces the need for single use, slow, thermally activated fuses.

The Industrial Pro Electric© attaches to switch controls. The system is designed to provide all the electrical needs for a special fleet vehicles.

Custom programing available:


 If our base configuration is a great starting point. 

So you say “What’s New?”

Well, the U-CAN is.

First-In-Class Technology, really we are the first.

The U-CAN can be programed for your exact needs


The U-CAN is more than a diagnostic tool. It is a window into your fleets electrical health. Shown below is the Hot Rod version.

Small Size 3.5”H x2.25”W x0.60”D

Just plug it in. No more guessing and probing. Unless you want to. 

Oh! Did we mention you can disable the entire electrical system with a PIN?


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More high tech stuff coming.

Replacing legacy wiring is our goal.


legacy |ˈleɡəsē|

noun (plural legacies)

an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.

• a thing handed down by a predecessor: the legacy of centuries of neglect.

adjective Computing

denoting software or hardware that has been superseded but is difficult to replace because of its wide use.


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Let us work with you to design a wire harness that surpasses your design needs. 




User Manual





User Manual

Base system 

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U-CAN User Manual

Hot Rod Version


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