Why Use Solid State?

Fewer connections
Every connection is a potential point of failure. Fewer connections means easier trouble shooting and shorter build times - resulting in less expense.

Faster fault detection
A thermally activated fuse or circuit breaker must heat up to activate. Solid-state technology reacts in less than a tenth of a second.

Multiple resets
A fuse has a one time use, and auto reset breakers reset at full power and continue to do this indefinitely. The Pro Electric reduces power once a short is detected and will automatically attempt a reset twice. If the circuit is still shorted the circuit will turn off. The circuit can then be restarted by simply removing the short and turning the circuit switch off, then back on.

Voltage monitoring
The radio circuit has Voltage Monitoring, allowing worry free listening. Voltage monitoring will allow extended radio use without over-draining the battery. When battery voltage is reduced to 11.5 volts the power to the radio is turned off and will be reapplied when the battery is charged above 12.5 volts.

Value added – what does that mean?
Examples include self-canceling turn signals, courtesy lights and non-critical circuits that suspend during cranking. These features are coded in the system, eliminating the need for another plastic box.

Quicker installs
Our best examples are turn signals, no flasher cans, relays or multiple wires routed back and forth from the ends of the vehicle to the steering column and brake switch.

Whats next? 
Shown: Aluminum casting for a prototype our all weather enclosure.

Cast aluminum enclosure
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